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main site

the background is a f2u stock image. all navigation graphics (& gallery arrows) are my own, with the glitter text being created using this.

an especially big thank you to kk for helping me code this page & some miscellaneous things, cuz i suck at html. <33

i guess this is where the legal stuff goes... i'm no lawyer so bear with me.

i do not make any profit off of this website. i do not own homestuck or its characters, and i do not claim to. homestuck ("hs") is a webcomic created & owned by andrew hussie. any strong resemblance in my own art should be considered a work of fanfiction.

any artwork in the gallery labelled as mine is my own. art in the gallery is either mine & i own the rights to it, *or* is allowed on this website with explicit permission from the owners/creators (excluding "stickers", which i define as the colorful pixel graphics, usually .gifs, used to emphasize aforementioned artwork -- i do not own the rights to those.)

should any problems arise with the creators of something i'm using, i can be contacted at dovescratchneo at gmail dot com. please be descriptive with your subject header, otherwise it will be ignored.


aka the cute lil gifs in the gallery.

most are found on heather's animations (archived) and the wayback machine

the rest were found from:

bulbapedia and pokemon wikia / motorbabyfreaks / atebit / zmmp18 / gateway-2000 / sillystatic /