is what it says on the tin! welcome to my scrapbook :]

the best stuff is at the top (wink)

mine !!!
sep 2021

mine ^_^ oct 2021

mine <3 dec 2018

mine // sep 2021
hoodie base by xermasprites

another sprite (mine)
nov 2020

pixel edit (base from hs)
sep 2018

vv also by me (✿◡‿◡) jun 18

by yours truly, jul 2018

by jade | dec 2018

by nepijon | oct 2021



oh my g-d this site has hundreds of views in like 2wks how
if you're reading this ily & also do me a favor and stream megan thee stallion <33

this is gonna be filled up soon! don't worry there will
be stickers and glitter and gifs and everything i got this

gonna be real with you these are epically bad
baby me had no idea what he was doing LOL

omg this is so empty